Yuriy, more than a restaurant owner





All over the world there are lots of Italian restaurants and Boca Raton is no exception: just walk around the area and you will find at least a few places claiming to deliver the best Italian cuisine. One of them, it is called Roots Italian Kitchen.

A year ago, Yuriy Kouzenkov took over the management of the restaurant and that was the beginning of a period of big changes. Yuriy was able to perfectly recreate the Italian taste in the middle of Boca Raton, using the best and freshest ingredients available on the market. Every day, a ton of fresh food is delivered right to the restaurant, where chef Mike makes the magic happen and creates awesome dishes for the customers to taste. In order to fully replicate the Italian kitchen, Yuriy was not content with using American products, but decided that it was in the best interest of his customers to import typical Italian products. In this way began the tradition of ordering some of the cheeses directly from Italy: that was a real turn around point, because it made the restaurant stand out from the competition.

Fast forward one year, Roots Italian Kitchen is, without any questions, the best Italian restaurant in Boca Raton and attracts more and more new clients every month. The big deal is that this restaurant does not only offer a delicious food tasting experience, but it also recreates in all its aspects the classical Italian atmosphere, taking the client from Boca Raton right to the core of the Italian tradition.  An evidence of the high quality service offered by Yuriy's team could be found on TripAdvisor, the popular site.

In fact, Roots Italian Kitchen has over 35 excellent reviews, which is just one of the many signs that declare this restaurant the ultimate Italian taste experience. For example, Patricia, one of the most frequent client and a lover of the Italian kitchen, says that her favourite dish is the octopus salad, because she likes the freshness of all the ingredients. Furthermore, she adds that the service is one of the main high points of the restaurant and that the staff is always available and kind. Greg, another customer, who visited Roots Italian Kitchen as he was on holiday, says that the experience was one of the best that he has ever had related to food. You see? It does not matter who you pick: whether he’s a frequent customers or a one-time client, he will only have good words. 

If you are still not sure about the amazing foods you can taste, just give Roots Italian Kitchen a chance, and you will certainly not be disappointed. Mike, the main chef, will cook the meal of your life and we are sure that you will want to share this experience with everybody you know. Yuriy’s and his staff are waiting for you and would love to let you jump in the core of the Italian tradition. Roots Italian Kitchen is located in 212 S Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33432


 Yuriy' and his staff are waiting for you and would love to let you jump in the core of the Italian tradition.