Join Us In The Real Italian Experience!


Are you looking for a real Italian taste experience? We have the solution. Every day, excepts Mondays, from 5pm-6pm we will be serving a classical and delicious Italian menu. All our dishes will give you the typical Italian taste and take you from Boca Raton to the heart and soul of Italy, using the food as a vehicle. In fact, here at Roots Italian Kitchen we believe that what you eat is not everything: the atmosphere is as important as the dish itself. For this reason, our restaurant is designed and decorated to resemble in every aspect the beautiful cities of Venice and Florence, which are the main historic towns in Italy. Immerse yourself in history and fly on the other part of the world with our delicious dishes, all accurately prepared by Mike, our trusted chef.


For just $29 come enjoy our four course meal and you will be able to discover the real Italian kitchen and explore one of the oldest food traditions in the world.


Starting with the drinks, you will be able to choose between a typical Chardonnay La Ganghija and the famous Cabarnet Sauvignon Giacondi, both made with Italian grapes. If you are not into wine, then you will definitely enjoy a Peroni, a classical Italian beer.


As a starter, every day we will have a different soup, made with fresh and high quality ingredients. We also provide two starter options: our typical salad and a Mozzarella Caprese. The Caprese is perhaps the most popular Italian dish of all, because it combines the delicious taste ofthe Italian cheese, with the freshness of tomatoes, another classical ingredient in the Italian kitchen. It is consumed mainly as a starter, but it takes often the place of the main course, especially during the hottest days of summer. If you have not tried it yet, you have still to live the real Italian kitchen.


For the main course, your choice will be difficult, as every plate is simply astonishing delicious. If you like pasta, then the Linguine Bolognese is what you are looking for: fresh pasta, with a tasty meat and tomato sauce. On the other end, if you like fish or meat better, we give you the possibility to choose between a Salmon Fillet with spinach and garlic and a Chicken Marsala paired with carrots and fresh pasta. The first dish is something that you typically see featured at a local Venice ristorante, which uses different kind of fresh fish to create a nice sea-food picture, while the second has the ambition to combine Italian food with the American style of cooking.


At this point, if you still have room for more delicious food, we would like to treat you to our tasty desserts. A fresh Gelato, our homemade Cannoli and to our chef's tiramisu all waiting for you. Gelato is what characterizes the Italian summer: an amazing view on the beach and a fresh cup of ice cream is something that every Italian has experienced at least once. Italy is worldwide famous for its ability to prepare super desserts, so we advise not to pass on those.


What are you waiting for? Visit our restaurant as soon as possible and take advantage of this opportunity to get taste the Real Italian kitchen. Roots Italian Kitchen is located in 212 S Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33432

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